France is internationally renowned for its good food, and its healthy eating habits. If you are coming to the country of gastronomy, we think you will be pleased to discover French meals with this small article about the French eating habits!





This is not just a cliché: French people are really fond of bread and baguettes! A French meal almost always goes with bread, whether it be for cheese or for getting the last drop of sauce. Bread is also the basis of French breakfasts, as many people eat slices of bread with butter and jam (or Nutella for those who really like their food)!


And another stereotype that happens to be true! French people eat cheese at almost every meal. According to their taste, it can go from camembert to “gruyère”, and if you want to know more about French cheese, you can read our article on the topic.


A meal without meat is not a real meal (notice the rhymes )! Indeed, in France, we are quite fond of every type of meat: beef, pork, chicken… The most famous French recipes are made with meat, such as “Coq au vin”, “Blanquette de veau”, “Boudin noir aux pommes”, or “Steak Tartare”. French people also like charcuterie from time to time.





Even if they are usually a side dish (of course, we will need something to go with the meat!), vegetables are taken very seriously in France. They are the basis of a healthy diet and French people usually like them fresh. You can buy them in food markets to be sure of their quality!



Despite the fact that France is known for its delicious wine, French people usually drink water during their daily meals. The wine remains quite exceptional, we drink it for a special occasion or at a restaurant, but at home, we usually stick to water. Some people can do something wild while eating: they can drink sparkling water!


And French people also limit themselves to 3 meals a day! Except for children who usually have an after-school snack, French adults don’t nibble. They have a light breakfast, with coffee, croissant and orange juice (it is a typical French breakfast, but needless to say that it varies depending on who you talk to), a big lunch with starter, main course, cheese and dessert, and a lighter dinner.


You see, contrary to the escargots cliché, French people have quite normal eating habits, and you will probably love your stay abroad thanks to the delicious food (among many other things)!

Bon appétit

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