How to survive in a French university!

How to survive in a French university! You are questioning yourself of your course choice for next year? You’re in the period of all the subscriptions? Or you have simply already subscribed to a French university? You’re many to come each year in France to study....

Top 3 best universities in Toulouse!

The 3 best universities in Toulouse! The number of French and international students arriving in the city is constantly increasing! You want to study in the Pink City, but you can’t choose between the different courses? Let’s see together the 3 best...

What if you came studying in France?

For over 25 years, France has been one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Characterized by a rich and multicultural heritage, each region of France presents its specificities. So, have you ever thought of continuing your studies in France? In 2018,...

Now Coworking: The first coworking rooftop in Lille

Today, we are addressing young working people who live in Lille and are looking for a place to work independently. If you like working in freedom and autonomy but you don’t like solitude at all, there is a solution: Coworking. Chez Nestor, leader in colocation...

Hub-Grade: the coworking areas easy to rent

Today, we want to present you a brand new service called Hub-Grade. Hub-Grade is the leading expert in offering coworking areas to rent. If you plan to rent a workplace with other young workers, Hub-Grade is the service you’re looking for. Learn more about it with...

English words impossible to pronounce for French speakers!

If you are struggling with the French language, don’t worry: French people have a hard time with English too. You have probably noticed that some sounds do not exist in French and that is (among other things) the reason why we can’t seem to pronounce these words...
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