Chez Nestor commitments for the planet


Chez Nestor is a young, innovative and responsible company. We are aware of the emergency and the seriousness of the climate imbalance we are experiencing, which will impact the future generations. Struggling to provide better housing for young nomads, our teams put their energy, day after day, to protect the environment thanks to concrete and immediate measures.

In our shared apartments


100% Green Gas

In all our accommodations in France, our gas is 100% biomethane, a biological and non-fossil alternative. It comes from the decomposition of recent agricultural products (manure, manure, cereal waste, etc.). These products are then transformed into clean gas and injected in the natural gas transmission system after purification and purification. That’s how the gas comes into your roommate’s apartment!


100% Renewable Electricity

In all our shared flats, electricity is 100% renewable and local. For example, in 2016, it came from 100% hydroelectric. Our Guarantees of Origin certify that as much renewable electricity has been fed into the national grid as our co-tenants have consumed each year.



Reduced Water Consumption

All our shared flats are equipped with innovative shower heads that save 75% water without reducing their comfort, and our taps have foamers that reduce their consumption by 70%. In this way, more than 10 million liters of water are saved each year by Chez Nestor!


Green Bulbs

At Chez Nestor, 100% of our E14 and E27 bulbs (the most popular) are now LEDs. This is how we reduced our bulb waste by 98%, thanks to their 40 times longer lifespan. This investment has also reduced our roommates’ electricity consumption for lighting by 83%!


Zero Co2 Emission

Around 2,000 roommates move in a Chez Nestor flat each year. We have previously fully furnished, equipped and decorated our accommodation and our teams are on site to maintain it throughout the year. In this way, 2,000 removals are avoided each year, i.e. nearly 300 tonnes of CO2* and thousands of pieces of furniture abandoned or thrown away.

*For 500km in a Peugeot Boxer 2.0 per move


In our offices and warehouses


100% Recycled Waste

In our offices and warehouses, all our teams are pushing the waste sorting as much as possible by dividing waste in 5 categories, which are then recycled. Thanks to our commitment, tons of paper and cardboard are given a second life every year.


Zero Plastic

At Chez Nestor we have abandoned cups, disposable tableware, straws, plastic stirrer, PET bottles… Today, 100% of our tableware is reused over and over again, creating no waste in our daily lives.


Sustainable Transport

At Chez Nestor, we offer all our operational teams the opportunity to obtain a company bike or an electric scooter. In this way, we favour urban commute without any CO2 emissions, while promoting the physical well-being of our teams!

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