Vegetarian, vegan, or intolerant to lactose or gluten? Find out how you can live in Lyon on a special diet…

Despite an assortment of varied dishes served in over a thousand different eateries, those with special diets can find it difficult to dine in Lyon.  Whatever your dietary preferences or obligations, read on to discover how you can survive as a student in the gastronomical capital of France and follow our tips!

Why is Lyon so difficult?





Home to a multitude of famous chefs, Lyon is renowned for its ‘Bouchons’, restaurants that serve a variety of dishes heavily based on meat and high in fat.  If you are daring enough to delve into such courses, you can try specialities as unique as tripe soup, chicken liver and pig intestine, but understandably, this is unlikely to appeal to vegetarians or vegans. Although they can be hard to find, there are many interesting options available to those with alternative diets.  They are often hidden away, so it is mainly vegetarians who are familiar with Lyon who know where to dine in the city without having to settle for a meal only consisting of two starters and a desert.



Alternative choices for vegetarians or vegans…

As people are becoming more aware of health and environmental issues, the needs for vegetarian and vegan restaurants are increasing.  As a result, more and more neighbourhoods and restaurants are adapting to satisfy all types of customer. The 7th district of Lyon is particularly vegetarian-friendly, with its restaurants such as Le Court Circuit’  which offers meals for those who do not eat meat.  Other eateries are scattered around the city, for example, ‘Toutes Les Couleurs’ is not far from the Opera and serves original dishes consisting of local and ‘bio’ food. 

Even more unique is ‘Mon Histoire Dans L’assiette’, a restaurant that creates food that is free of allergens, which is perfect for those who have no choice but to avoid certain foods. The menu is updated regularly, ensuring variety for those who are allergic to gluten or lactose, for example.

Cooking your own alternative foods

If you prefer to cook for yourself, why not sign up to ‘Plantez chez nous’, a site through which you can borrow plots of land in people’s garden to grow your own fruit and vegetables!  Alternatively, if you have less time on your hands, you can sign up to ‘Potager City’ and order baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables which are delivered either to a local shop near you or a workplace. ‘La Ruche qui dit Oui’ is also another option you can check-out.  If you need cooking ideas, each parcel is delivered with recipes including the fresh products that are provided. 

We advise you to consult ‘Le Petit Paumé’ to discover a list of vegetarian and ‘bio’ restaurants in Lyon.


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