As you may know, French people listen mainly to foreign music especially from Britain or the US. However, we still have some good singers or groups. Here is a list of the most famous French singers if you want to expand your musical culture:




serge gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg and his cigarets!

There are some singers that are known by almost every French people. They have marked the musical history of France and a few of them are still alive today. The most provocative must be Serge Gainsbourg. He is mostly known for his countless cigarettes, his provocations, and his beautiful lyrics which can be compared to poetry.

Then, we also have Edith Piaf, a famous French singer of the 1940s & 1950s. Marion Cotillard played her role in the famous and award-winning movie La Môme. Among the most appreciated singers, we have Johnny Halliday, who was a rocker internationally renowned. He sung since the 1960s and popularized rock music in France. The choruses of his songs, such as “Que je t’aime”, “Allumer le feu” or “Gabrielle” are known by almost every French people. Charles Aznavour is also a famous French singer from Armenia who has just turned 91! He has also marked the French music.



Today, the French music hasn’t stop growing and gives us very good singers. The most popular at the time is not French, he is from Belgium but he sings in French (which is a rare fact that needs to be pointed out): Stromae. He is making electronic music with thoughtful lyrics and has a very recognizable sense of fashion.

Julien Doré, a “’real” French singer this time, manages the achievement of making everyone forget he comes from a TV show called “La Nouvelle Star”. He is making pop music and his songs are always accompanied with beautiful music videos. He also has made some covers, like Moi, Lolita, originally sung by Alizée, another French singer. Tryo is a French band specialized in reggae music. They care a lot about ecology and animal protection and you can notice it in their song.

In rap music, a group of rappers has broken through these last years: Sexion d’Assaut. Young people really like their songs and their lyrics. M is another famous French singer who comes from a family of musicians. He is known for his original haircut (in shape of an “M”) and for his high-pitched voice. Kyo was a group of 4 boys mostly known during the middle of the 2000s, when they won 4 music awards. They split shortly afterwards, and they get back together recently. Their fans were waiting for them and French people still love them nowadays.

Christine and the Queens (real name: Héloïse Letissier) has won many “victoires de la Musique”. She is famous for doing rhythmic songs and awesome choreographies in her music videos.


Needless to say that we have many more music makers to show off! If you want to listen to French music, you can listen this Spotify playlist.


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