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Good deals from Chez Nestor!

With a tiny budget, each action need to be planned. The Good Deals heading is there to help you finding good deals for your nights out or simply when organising a trip with your friends. Here you can find some of the best seasonal offers and best prices you should not miss.

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Erasmus on a special diet in Lyon

Erasmus on a special diet in Lyon

Vegetarian, vegan, or intolerant to lactose or gluten? Find out how you can live in Lyon on a special diet... Despite an assortment of varied dishes served in over a thousand different eateries, those with special diets can find it difficult to dine in Lyon.  Whatever...

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10 embarrassing mistakes in French

10 embarrassing mistakes in French

You are in France and as you’re still learning the language, you probably make some mistakes from times to times, and that’s totally okay, this is how you progress! But you should know that some mistakes are very funny for French people, and can be very embarrassing...

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French Politeness

French Politeness

As strange as it may seem, in France, people are actually very polite. We know that there is a cliché saying that French people are quite rude (especially Parisians) but the general and commonly accepted poker face and silent attitude are usually misinterpreted by...

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