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To integrate in a new city is not always a long quiet river. That’s why a Lifestyle section is there to help you take things in hand: here you’ll find the right places to go out, festivals or simply the best bars where you can settle down in good company. Happy reading!

Discover Lyon’s specialties

Discover Lyon’s specialties

Lyon has many traditional dishes and is considered the world’s capital of gastronomy. You should know that in Lyon, a traditional restaurant where you can eat specialities is called a "Bouchon". You can find many of these eateries in the Vieux Lyon and in the small...

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Top 5 nightclubs in Toulouse!

Top 5 nightclubs in Toulouse!

The pink city is a good atmosphere guaranteed! Toulouse is crawling of cafés, bars, clubs... and they are always full. No wonder when you know that it is one of the youngest and most student cities in France. A festive and friendly atmosphere reigns at every street...

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The nice bars/restaurants of the 15th in Paris!

The nice bars/restaurants of the 15th in Paris!

Are you in Paris for a while? Whether you're a student or a young active person, you want to enjoy life to the full (or drink it). For your Parisian stay, you inevitably chose to live in a flatshare! We imagine that you will stay (or that you will soon stay) in an...

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