You are coming to France and of course, you want a phone to keep in touch with your family abroad, or with your future new French friends? Here a guide and some tips to understand the French phone system and above all, to get a cheap phone plan as soon as possible!

Landline phones




First, we are going to talk a little about fixed-line phones. Well, yes it still exists! In France, numbers of fixed-line phones begin with 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 09, depending on the region. Numbers beginning by 0 800 are usually free. If someone wants to call you from abroad, he has to put +33 in front of your number (and to forget the 0 of the beginning). Same thing for you: you must add “00” + the country code to make an international call. Nowadays, almost every Internet package offers a fixed-line automatically. However this is not a simple process: you have to subscribe to an Internet package, you will have to share several documents, such as bank account information for example and the process is usually quite long. It can take to 20 days to get Internet and a fixed telephone line. But once you have it, you can usually phone abroad without paying extra fees.

If this process seems to be complicated, please follow your reading, you will see that smartphones are quite really easier...


Mobile phones



The most used, so the most important: mobile phones! A few years ago, phoning from France to foreign countries was expensive, really really expensive. Nowadays, it changes a lot. First of all, thanks to the available, and most of the time free wifi, you can communicate, without any cost, per text messages, with many applications using the internet like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber… Also with Imessages if you have an iPhone. You can also call or make some video calls with these applications or with others like Skype or Facetime, if another time you have an Iphone. They are not the only ones, with the internet, communication with foreign countries is available in all the countries around the world !

If you want to communicate from your smartphone without using wi-fi, french telephone operators like Orange, SFR or Bouygues offer many telephone packages. Click on the link to see all french telephone operators. It exists telephone packages of 20 euros or less. With them, it’s possible, just in Europe, to call, to send text messages or to use internet with 3G or 4G. It also exists international options (outside Europe) : the same solution is also available. They include supplementary costs which change thanks to the telephone operator. Notice that costs must be paid every month.

So, I you want to use your smartphone, you just have to go in a french telephone operator which will advise you. You will come out it with a new phone or a new SIM’s card you would have to insert in your current smartphone. Yes, new technologies are not so expensive, and using them become easier every day  !

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