As surprising as it may seem, French supermarkets fascinate international visitors in France. But what’s so specific about them?


4 characteristics of supermarkets in France


#1 The sale of French products

The French supermarkets are not so different from the other supermarkets, except that they sell, without surprise, French products! In France, you can buy your baguette at the bakery, but also at the supermarket. You can even choose between different types of bread! You can also buy wine at low prices in the French hypermarkets: whole aisles are reserved for wine, and the low prices are around 3€. And they also offer a multitude of cheeses and desserts!


#2 Specialized departments

Rayon specialise supermarche
French supermarkets also have specialized departments. If you don’t particularly like industrial food, you can go for a walk on the fruit and vegetable side (where you choose your products before putting them in a bag and weighing them), in the butcher’s, cheese or fish shop corner! In these shelves, you can choose good quality products, and you will be able to select the quantity or even the piece you wish to buy. If you want several small goat cheeses, it is possible, if you just want a steak, it is also possible! This allows in a practical way to have a balanced diet while avoiding wasting time by stopping at each small specialized store: everything is in the same place, that is, in the supermarket!


#3 Convenience stores

The French supermarkets are generally in the form of a chain, so you can find their shops in all the big cities (in the villages, they are replaced by small local shops). The best known are E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Auchan, Casino, Intermarché, Super U and Monoprix. Some of these groups also have mini-markets, which are miniature versions of supermarkets, such as Carrefour City, U Express or A2PAS.


#4 Delivery services

Most of these stores, like E.Leclerc, offer a delivery service: you can do your shopping online and then have them delivered to your home!

There, nothing exceptional about French supermarkets, but it never hurts to have additional information to do your shopping in France!


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