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Having fun is great, but students and young workers also need to develop their professional skills – that’s the Chez Nestor Blog’s third heading. You can find here all the useful tools available around you, including free classes and the best co-working areas nearby where you can work and develop your professional network.

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Now Coworking: The first coworking rooftop in Lille

Now Coworking: The first coworking rooftop in Lille

Today, we are addressing young working people who live in Lille and are looking for a place to work independently. If you like working in freedom and autonomy but you don't like solitude at all, there is a solution: Coworking. Chez Nestor, leader in colocation between...

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Hub-Grade: the coworking areas easy to rent

Hub-Grade: the coworking areas easy to rent

Today, we want to present you a brand new service called Hub-Grade. Hub-Grade is the leading expert in offering coworking areas to rent. If you plan to rent a workplace with other young workers, Hub-Grade is the service you’re looking for. Learn more about it with...

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6 French Slang Words

6 French Slang Words

Learn these 6 French expressions and noone will ever doubt that you're not French! Before coming to France, you have probably taken French classes, but teachers usually don’t teach French slang, so when you are in a middle of a French conversation, there might be some...

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