Who are we ?

French leader in furnished shared accommodation in the city centre, Chez Nestor is the turnkey accommodation solution for students and young working people. Find out more about our history, our commitments and our teams.

Who are we ?

The beginning of Chez Nestor

It all started in 2012, when Louis and Hubert, students at ESDES, returned from Erasmus in Finland and Poland. Back in Lyon, they could only see the complexity of the French welcoming system for foreigners on the move. Between the academic aspect, the administrative complexity and the difficulty to easily access accommodation for a student or foreigner, Louis and Hubert decided to create Chez Nestor.
Today, Chez Nestor counts more than 40 employees in the cities of Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Paris, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Marseille and Madrid. Our real estate contains more than 800 rooms, completely renovated, furnished and equipped by our teams.

Chez Nestor : a turnkey colocation

Chez Nestor’s mission

When you are on the move, whether a student or a young working person, housing becomes a real challenge. We usually look for an accommodation for a few months, in the city centre and furnished. Chez Nestor’s mission is to “make housing a convenience in the biggest European cities for urban nomads between 18 and 35 years old“. Our goal is to offer an exceptional service to all our customers, making the colocation experience unique and perfect.

Our values

Every day we are 200% committed to provide all our customers an amazing co-location experience. As employees, our values reflect both our philosophy and our leitmotiv.

Delivering the best

We are committed to always going further, to strive to guarantee our customers a top-of-the-range service. Our objective: to provide an exceptional solution to a complex problem, regardless of the situation encountered.

Working hard

Chez Nestor works hard every day to meet his commitments. We strive to improve the comfort of our tenants every day, while respecting the needs of our employees.

Being a team

Enjoying work is a value that is dear to our start up. Our teams help each other, support each other and exchange their knowledge in an environment conducive to professional development.

Being agile

The company’s growth doubles every year. Chez Nestor is committed to meeting tomorrow’s challenges today by offering innovative solutions and adapting as best we can to the evolution of our environment.

We add service where there was little in real estate and transform the renting experience.”

– Louis and Hubert

Discover Chez Nestor’s team

The Chez Nestor’s team is made up of young creative, innovative and responsive talents. We make it a point of honour to guarantee our employees a peaceful and dynamic working environment, in which everyone’s path counts. Without any competition, Nestorians share every day friendly and professionally enriching moments to guarantee a top-of-the-range service to our customers.

The different departments of the company

Our missions: Prospecting, signing and retaining real estate assets.
“Experts in contact with agencies and owners of the biggest European cities to find the roommate of your dreams.”

Our missions: Advise future roommates in their research.

“The orchestra conductor department of the colocation research in France and Europe.”

Our missions: Furnish, equip and manage real estate.

“A team working with tenants, landlords and service providers to ensure the same standard of quality in all our apartments.”

Our missions: Recruitment, human resources and financial management.

“Recruitment, management and administration for the happiness of our employees and the growth of the company.”


Our missions: To receive and treat the needs of our co-tenants.

“Whether you are in Toulouse, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Montpellier, Bordeaux or Madrid, our customer service ensures maximum comfort in all our rooms.”

Our missions: Web development, marketing, communication and graphics.

“Implement the best digital solutions to drive the company’s digital transformation.”


Address : 15 rue Jean Bourgey, 69100 Villeurbanne, France
Phone number : +33 (0) 972 323 102
Mail : hello[@]chez-nestor.com
Website : www.chez-nestor.com
Schedules : Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm


My accomodation alert

Chez Nestor supports you in your searches. In just a few clicks, create a customized reminder to be alerted when the room of your dreams will be available..