Eco-flatsharing : 3 good practices for a green flatshare!

 Eco-flatsharing : 3 good practices for a green flatshare!

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Living in a shared apartment, while respecting the environment, it’s possible! Chez Nestor invites you to think about good practices to adopt in order to think a little greener and do good for our planet, even as a roommate!

Waste in flatshare, not always easy to avoid!


You are always more and more numerous to look for a flatshare in France and this for quite obvious reasons like saving a small sum of money in your pockets and socializing in a city which you do not know yet… but how many of you also think about the planet? Yes! In shared accommodation we share a living space and this is already a big positive point. But with a big fridge full of food and shared by many, waste is almost inevitable!  So you have to be smart and find ways to limit waste.

With this article, we invite you to think about the good practices you can adopt think a little greener and do something good for our planet!

The 3 good practices for eco-flatsharing


#1 Think local

Buying your weekly grocery at the market can be time consuming, but it’s buying and consuming responsibly! For your dose of vegetables and fruitsmeat and cheese visit the markets on your doorstep.

Buying local means several things at once: you can support local farmers, who are constantly fighting against supermarkets, and also avoid waste while reducing over-packaging! If it isn’t beautiful and simple as that!

#2 Grow your plants

Even if you don’t have a large garden, growing your own food is easy and highly recommended. We have already written an article about plants and tips on how to make some space for our green friends, you can find it here.

So no more excuses ???? You can start with small aromatic plants, they’re are easy to take care of!

#3 Don’t let your food rot in the fridge

As already announced, this is a big French problem! Food waste is a major issue of our era and we must find a solution quickly. So why not start in our daily lives?

Avoid throwing your food away at the end of the week, put post-it notes on the fridge, on your front door, on your left arm… and double-check the expiration dates of your food! Participating in an eco-colocation is a real choice of life which, like all things, requires a little effort to show its results! Take the time to think about it the next time you shop.

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