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Festival of Lights

You may have heard the nickname of Lyon, “Ville des Lumières”, which actually comes from the Festival of Lights and partially from the Lumière brothers – but this is another story… Every year, at the beginning of December, the city organizes what we called in French “La Fête des Lumières” which is more impressive year after year. Every year more and more […]

City guide

Top 5 bars in Lille!

Lille is your next destination to study or work? So you’re probably wondering what surprises this charming northern town has in store for you! A question seems essential to you even if you dare not say it aloud: which are the unmissable ones to go out in Lille? We know our friends the Ch’tis are good […]


Top 5 of the best bars for students in Toulouse!

Are you a student? Have you just moved to Toulouse? If you don’t know where you can grab a cheap drink, don’t panic! Have you asked your flatmates? If they don’t have a clue as well (yet!), we have the solution for all of you. Chez Nestor unravels its top 5 of the best bars for students where you will definitely […]