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Flatshares with individual leases in Montpellier!

You come to live there for a while? Whether for your studies, for an internship, or for a job, you have made the right choice. Is your registration finalized? Have you signed your agreement or employment contract? All you needs now is to make your life there…and it starts with a place to live. Ah… Montpellier, the […]


Find easily a furnished flatshare in Montpellier

Montpellier, nicknamed “la surdouée” (meaning the gifted), is known to be one of the youngest cities in France. It would appear that one in five inhabitants is a student who comes from one of the four corners of the world.This city of the South of France is lively from morning to night! Ideal place to […]


A furnished and equipped flat-share in a historical monument!

In Montpellier, we found and furnished some unique and historical buildings. If you like unconventional apartments with a unique architecture and decoration, you would definitely love this one which is very different from the classic apartments. Today, we present you a two-floored flatshare that will seduce even the most demanding ones. With its history and […]