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Internship in France: the five most attractive cities

Are you looking for an internship in France? Why not plan this professional experience in one of France’s largest cities? Chez Nestor, a short term flat-sharing specialist for students and fresh graduates, presents you the five most attractive cities in the country. Doing an internship in France is often more rewarding than in other countries, […]


Now Coworking: The first coworking rooftop in Lille

Today, we are addressing young working people who live in Lille and are looking for a place to work independently. If you like working in freedom and autonomy but you don’t like solitude at all, there is a solution: Coworking. Chez Nestor, leader in colocation between students and young workers, presents Now Coworking : an original and innovative version of coworking, installed […]


Hub-Grade: the coworking areas easy to rent

Today, we want to present you a brand new service called Hub-Grade. Hub-Grade is the leading expert in offering coworking areas to rent. If you plan to rent a workplace with other young workers, Hub-Grade is the service you’re looking for. Learn more about it with this small article by Chez Nestor. Hub-Grade decided to […]