Where to eat in a friendly atmosphere in Montpellier?

If you arrive in Montpellier and you don’t yet know the best casual restaurants in the area where you can enjoy the beautiful weather in the company of your friends and roommates, Chez Nestor, the leader in furnished flat sharing, is here to give you the right advice! Today we present you 5 places in the center of Montpellier where you can taste fresh products and that at small price! We’re off to this fun Top 5!

#1- Pastor’In

If you are tired of eating bland sandwiches and industrial dishes, take a look at Pasteur’In. Here, everything is homemade, from sandwiches to soups, salads and hot meals! Located in the Antigone area, this atypical place offers fresh ingredients at a very low price. Enjoy its large colorful terrace where you can sit with your mates! The atmosphere is very relaxed and the two managers will not fail to welcome you warmly!

#2- Chez Cécé

Photo credit: Chez cécé Facebook Page

If you like to compose your own dishes, you can’t miss this little vintage restaurant! From the decoration to the very warm welcome, here you feel right at home. Try the dishes of the day “made in Cécé”, the salads that you can compose to your own taste or the fresh and of course homemade smoothies! And to finish the meal, a good dessert! It is the perfect place for a gourmet break in a very cosy environment.

#3- The Jasmine

Located at 1, rue Durand, not far from Place de la Comédie, Le Jasmine is a small restaurant that offers authentic and traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Crunchy vegetables, nems, samoussas, soups… in other words, there is something for everyone! Go taste the dish of the day for as little as 10 € (the quality/price balance is unbeatable!) and you won’t be disappointed. Ideal to spend a moment of leisure with friends and savour Vietnamese specialties.

#4- R&B Food Truck

r&b montpellier
Photo credit: R&B Facebook Page

Yes! In this Top 5 there is also enough room for a Food Truck! The concept is very atypical and most of all interesting: who else offers Risottos and Burgers? The street food concept is becoming more and more popular, seducing Montpellier residents for a relaxed meal at an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Opened in 2014 by a young chef, the R&B offers a kitchen with personality: local products, fresh and cooked daily in the truck! Discover directly on their website where to find this magnificent food truck!

#5- Umiyaki

If you’re looking for a perfect decile for your taste buds, visit Umiyaki, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Montpellier! Located at 9, rue de la Friperie, this small Japanese restaurant offers authentic and tasteful cuisine, all at a very affordable price – perfect for small budgets. The owners, a Japanese couple, are very welcoming and will not fail to advise you their best specialities! And for once, no sushi! So go take a look and enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere.
Which restaurants would you like to test first? Let us know in the comment section!

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Find easily a furnished flatshare in Montpellier

Montpellier, nicknamed “la surdouée” (meaning the gifted), is known to be one of the youngest cities in France. It would appear that one in five inhabitants is a student who comes from one of the four corners of the world.
This city of the South of France is lively from morning to night! Ideal place to party, go out with friends and just enjoy life!
You didn’t know where to go to school or university? Wondering where to start your first job? So why not Montpellier? Enjoy the sun, the sea, a good atmosphere… while working!
You’re probably thinking, “Why not?” but you have a lot of questions and constraints that are cooling you down as well. One question, which seems to be one of the most important, most certainly concerns housing. If the city is so enjoyable then finding a furnished flatshare must be a real headache!
NOT AT ALL! We have a very simple solution for you that takes into account the words: flatshare – furnished – downtown – Montpellier… This is what you are looking for? You’ve come to the right place! This rare pearl is called Chez Nestor.

Chez Nestor : furnished flatshares in Montpellier

flatshare without guarantor
Why does Chez Nestor seem to be so simple? Keep reading, you will understand very quickly!
Chez Nestor is the leader in furnished flatshares in France in several large cities: Lyon, Paris, Lille, Toulouse and… Montpellier! Its objective? Simplify access to shared accommodation as much as possible for students and young working people!
In Montpellier, over 130 rooms are available just for you!

#1 Furnished flatshares

All Chez Nestor apartments are furnished from A to Z. You don’t need to take anything for your stay except your personal belongings! Any ideas?
In each room you will find: a double bed, a bedside table, a desk, a chair, storage furniture, lamps, curtains, a duvet, pillows, sheets for your first night…
In each kitchen you will find: chairs, tables, kitchen utensils (plates, cutlery, glasses, place mats…) etc…
In the common rooms: armchairs, tables, carpets…
On the balconies: tables and chairs are already there!

#2 Equipped flatshares

The apartments are furnished but not only, they are also equipped!
You will also find: dishwasher, washing machine, oven, microwave, toasters, instruments to clean (broom, mop…).

#3 Flatshares with everything included

Let’s summarize: furnished and equipped housing, but what else?
Chez Nestor takes care of everything for you:

  • The opening of contracts: water, electricity, gas, wifi….
  • An after-sales service in case of leak, breakdown…
  • Co-ownership taxes
  • Tax on household waste
  • Home insurance
  • Assistance at your service available throughout your stay
  • APL-eligible flatshares!

chambre montpellier
You will have understood it well, from equipment to services everything is included with Chez Nestor !
What you need to remember: finding a furnished flatshare in Montpellier is rather easy!
Come visit our website and discover all our furnished flatshares in the centre of Montpellier, close to the Faculties. You may find your ideal room 🙂

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Montpellier Business School: ranked n°11 in France in 2018!

You want to study business in the South of France? We have a little idea what might be right for you!
Montpellier, charming city of the South with the Mediterranean Sea a few kilometers away, offers one of the best business schools in France, ranked n°11 (French ranking 2018) : Montpellier Business School (MBS) ! It takes first place for its number of student-apprentice.
Studying at MBS means being under the sun all year round in an exceptional living environment! Elected 4th city of France where it is good to live according to the paper l’Etudiant, Montpellier is near the sea, ski resorts and only 3 hours from Barcelona for a Spanish weekend getaway.
Only 15 minutes from the city centre but very well served by public transport, the school is located on a huge 7.5 hectare campus.
Discover with us the programs of this prestigious business school of the South recognized internationally!
Montpellier business school
Programs at all levels!

#1 The Grande Ecole Program

Ranked in the World Top 50 and the French Top 15, it leads to a five year degree level : Master level.
The range of choices within this program is wide: many specializations, internships, internships, year or semester abroad thanks to their many partnerships around the world, entrepreneurship at the heart of teaching, and academic excellence.
The program is accessible only in second year university level or degree level through a different competition depending on the initial training chosen (preparatory class or other studies).

#2 The Bachelor Program

According to the paper le Parisien, it took third place (2017) on the Bachelor of Business Schools podium.
This program serves a diploma degree level to be completed in 4 years. It allows you to acquire academic knowledge as well as real professional experience. What do we find? Student projects, a professional year of internships, a full year abroad, and a final year of work-linked training.
Admission takes place directly after the baccalauréat, through a different competition depending on your nationality: with a national competition for French students and an international competition for foreign students.

#3 Masters of Science

Masters courses take one or two years to give students the best possible start in working life with a guarantee of maximum employability in France and abroad.
There are 6 specialization fields: Marketing, Finance, International Business, Global Business, Digital Management, and Lean Operations Management.
The integration of these Masters is possible after four years of valid studies and a good level of English. Admission is by application, followed by an online interview.

#4 Tourist establishment manager

With a 100% work-study programme, it combines high quality teaching in the tourism sector with enriching professional experience for the continuation of one’s studies or for the start of one’s working life.
Program to be completed in 2 years following the baccalauréat. A certain number of criteria are required at the entrance. Recruitment is made on the basis of a file accompanied by a motivational interview.

#5 Summer School

This program, as its name suggests, takes place during the summer for 3 weeks. It invites students – especially foreign students – to come to deepen the world of entrepreneurship and exchange on this subject.
The Summer School offers three types of courses focused on entrepreneurship: Creativity & Entrepreneurship, Digital Business Model, and Managing Diversity.
There are no admission criteria: simply register before the dates indicated on the program page.
A wide choice in the field of commerce and management is offered to you at MBS by varied, quality, and professionalizing careers.
Business school often involves leaving your cozy nest to find your own accommodation… in a shared apartment!
And for this, we have the ideal solution for you: Chez Nestor! Furnished apartments ready to live in flatshare to simplify your life as much as possible!
Visit our website to discover all the rooms available in Montpellier!

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20 free activities you can’t miss in Montpellier!

Being a student in Montpellier is no walk in the park. How to find the perfect balance between a tight budget and the strong desire to go out and have fun? When you and your flatmates wonder about what to do today with no money, Chez Nestor is here to help you out with a list of 20 free activities you can’t miss in Montpellier! So, don’t stay inside, lazy-bones! Montpellier holds plenty of surprises…
Today we sell dreams with our 20 free activities you can do for free in Montpellier! If you’re a big spender, it is probably time to find cheaper (or even free) activities to spend your afternoons and evenings with friends and flatmates!
There’s so much to see and do in Montpellier that you won’t be disappointed! Trust us…

#1- Discover Montpellier’s music scene

Yes! You can find free concerts you can attend with your flatmates! Montpellier boasts loads of live music bars where you can have a great time.

  • Jazz and Funky ? Easy: goto La Pleine Lune and attend free concerts every week!
  • Are you more a Rock’n’Roll guy? Stop by the Up Down. Located in the heart of the Ecusson, this bar offers Belgian beers and live concerts. On stage, small names from the local scene and big international bands go wild and perform unforgettable shows!
  • Reggae? We can satisfy all tastes! Come to the Taverne du Perroquet to enjoy your favorite sound (especially on weekends!)
  • Fans of Folk or French song? On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, don’t miss the concerts at the Irish Tavern!


#2- Take a stroll in the city

Yeah, walking around doesn’t cost you anything! Even if you think you have already visited everything, we are sure that Montpellier can still surprise you!

  • Explore the Ecusson medieval streets which are a must in the city.
  • Visit the Jardin des Plantes where you can rest on the grass and read a good book.
  • Enjoy a breathtaking view over the city on the Toit de Corum.
  • Take a stroll along the Canal du Verdanson and admire the incredible street art scattered throughout the area.


#3- Visit Museums and exhibitions

Once again, all tastes are on the program. Montpellier has a remarkable art scene!  

  • The FRAC Occitane proposes more than 1200 works of art open to everyone !
  • The Pierresvives mediathèque with its atypical design hides rare treasures inside.
  • The Galerie Saint-Ravy brings emerging artists and young talents to the world!
  • La Panachée brings together the most contemporary works of art in Montpellier.


#4- Do outdoor sports

Outdoor sports are the passion of many young people in Montpellier. No need to touch your wallet, just enjoy the air and why not, get back in shape!  

  • Jog in the woods of MontMaur and on your way, say hello to the animals at the Lunaret Zoo!
  • Enjoy the sun in the Garrigues area.
  • Improve your training with the free sessions of the Montpellier Athletic Running Club (MARC)
  • Run to Carnon Beach (for the more sporty and motivated among you!)


#5- Visit historical monuments

For architecture and design enthusiasts, a simple stroll through the city can be a real adventure! Look up to the sky and admire the incredible ancient buildings in Montpellier.

  • Visit Saint-Pierre Cathedral and while you’re at it, come and see the Faculty of Medicine, which is the oldest still in operation in France!
  • Discover all the hidden details of the Place de la Comédie and its opera.
  • Climb to the Peyrou Water Tower and enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire city.
You can’t miss this one!
  • Finally, enter the Tour des Pins and the Tour de la Babotte, the oldest remains of the city of Montpellier!

Here we are at the end of this list of 20 free activities to do in Montpellier! Enjoy the city with your roommates and follow our tips for an unforgettable experience!

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A furnished and equipped flat-share in a historical monument!

In Montpellier, we found and furnished some unique and historical buildings. If you like unconventional apartments with a unique architecture and decoration, you would definitely love this one which is very different from the classic apartments. Today, we present you a two-floored flatshare that will seduce even the most demanding ones. With its history and unique charm, this flatshare will certainly captivate your imagination.

First, a bit of history. The flat-share in Montpellier is located in an unique building which has been classified as “historical building of France” by the Minister of Culture. The building used to be the private mansion and workshop of Edouard Lefèvre, a decorator, sculptor and ornamentist who built it at the end of the XIX century (around 1880). He is also Marius Toudoire’s stepfather – the architect who designed the Gare de Lyon in Paris.

An historical building 

The facade #1

Before you even get to enter the building, the north facade will make you gasp. It consists of wonderful windows with baluster balconies. The facade is adorned with carved panels representing bucolic landscapes. We talk about an unconventional building and a real treat for the eyes!

The hall #2

In the main entrance hall, just below the staircase, observe also the painting representing a charming country scene. The wooden staircase is also adorned with a large stained window designed by Gustave Pierre Dagrant – a famous glass painter from the XIX century. How many of us can say to live in such a place?

Chez Nestor’s flatshare in this building

The kitchen/living room #1

The apartment is modern and was entirely refurbished by our teams. The living room boasts an elegant wooden parquet and two large windows. The fitted kitchen is thus extremely bright and entirely equipped with dishwasher, oven, vitroceramic hotplates and a large fridge. This room is perfect for relaxing with your housemates!



Bathrooms and WC #2

The apartment boasts two spacious bathrooms and two separated WCs. This is a big plus for the apartment and adds a lot of comfort for you and your housemates. No more waiting for your turn in the morning!

The bedrooms #3

The bedrooms are simply breathtaking. Spacious and cosy, they boast high ceilings and wooden parquets. Find your peace in there, whether it be for studying or resting far from your housemates.



Take a look at this picture – nice isn’t it? The decoration of this cosy bedroom will remind you of a noble castle from the XIX century! It is pretty unique!

All our flatshares can be booked directly from our website in less than 10 minutes. You will find all necessary information about our offers in Montpellier, Lille, Toulouse, Paris, Lyon, and soon, Marseille and Bordeaux. 

It’s not always that easy to find a flat. You’ll find here advices and tips from Chez Nestor, to help you find the apartment of your dreams.

Don’t miss your room! In just a few clicks, create a customized reminderto be alerted when the room of your dreams will be available.

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