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Insurance system in France

Before coming to France, you have to be prepared to subscribe to two obligatory things: housing insurance and civil liability insurance. You can find here a definition of these two services and a guide to subscribing without having too much trouble!An insurance is a service you pay for, usually with contributions, which offers you protection […]


Housing insurance: essential but often forgotten!

Are you looking for a flatshare? Obviously, conscientious as you are, you list the necessary documents, and obligations, for the rental of a property. But are you sure you think of everything? The ID, the guarantor, the lease, the rent, the charges, the deposit… So far, we agree! However, a room is often well set […]


Practical Guide: How to get CAF housing assistance step by step

Everybody wants to get it but nobody exactly knows how it works. CAF housing assistance is not really easy to find. To help you, here a practical guide, step by step, will help you to get this famous APL for your shared accomodation. Preface   This guide is intended for person who are not a beneficiary. If you’re already a […]