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How to stay financially afloat on your Erasmus year?

#1 Financing your year abroad If you are a student, you may already be an expert on saving money and stretching your loan. However, the Erasmus lifestyle can be a financial challenge to anyone, regardless of how economical they are with their euros. #2 Financial help If you are moving abroad as part of the […]


How to calculate the rental budget?

When looking for an apartment or a flatshare, have you thought about calculating your budget? This operation is vital when you’re about to sign a rental contract! To help you set it, Chez Nestor’s experts give you 6 elements to include in your budget plan, regardless of the type of housing you are looking for […]


Our top 5 life hacks to increase your budget when you're a student

When you are a student it is sometimes complicated to find a part-time job in order to gain some extra money. However, a recent study shows how 46% of the interviewed students would work but 17% of them think that this would negatively affect their academic results. So here you’ll find a list of life […]