How to rent a room without a French guarantor?

Renting accommodation without a French guarantor is not impossible. It’s not even that hard if you know how to do it. Although a good number of students think that finding a rental or a roommate without a French guarantor is not feasible, in reality there are solutions to succeed in renting in all simplicity. Roommating/renting without a French guarantor is possible and for this there are two solutions. If you are impatient, you can go directly to the simplest solution.

Accommodation without a French guarantor Caution Location Etudiante (CLE)

#1 What is the CLE ?

First solution to access a rental or shared flat without a French guarantor: the Caution Locative Etudiante (CLE). It is State aid managed by the CROUS. This guarantee was created for students without a guarantor and looking for accommodation. It is available throughout France.

The CLE is applicable to any accommodation that meets the criteria of decent housing (large apartment, studio…).

#2 Conditions 

The scheme is applicable to students who:

  • Are looking for accommodation in France in order to carry out their studies
  • Have income but no guarantor
  • As of September 1 of the year the lease was written and signed, are under 28 years of age
  • Are over 28 years old for doctoral or post-doctoral students of foreign origin

#3 Does it work? 

To qualify for the student rental deposit, the student must pay a contribution equivalent to 1.5% of the rent. For example, if the student does not pay his rent, it is the managers of the student rental deposit who pay the landlord the amount of unpaid rent and charges. They then establish with the student tenant a schedule of the sums advanced on his behalf.

#4 Particular cases

Change of accommodation

If the student changes accommodation but wishes to continue to benefit from the guarantee, he must be in good standing, i.e. up to date with his debts (repayment of unpaid rents and payment of the contribution).

Shared flat

There can only be one security granted per lease. If each roommate wants individual assistance, the signed lease should not include a solidarity clause. In the case of a roommate, each of the roommates must start a guarantee request himself and must meet the conditions of allocation.

#3- Process 

It is necessary to visit the Lokaviz site in order to make the request from your personal space. To find your personal space, you will have to create an account or insert your identifiers on the MyServices Portal. Click on the “CLE” button after you create an account or login, and then you can fill out the CLE request form.

Chez Nestor: the simple solution for flatsharing without a French guarantor  

If administrative procedures and paperwork discourage you, don’t lose hope and go to Chez Nestor.The main mission of Chez Nestor is to make access to accommodation for students and more particularly for foreign students without a French guarantor easier. This real estate company helps students simplify their development in their new destination city by providing turnkey housing. This means that everything you need is already included (internet, electricity, water, home insurance etc.).If you are a student of foreign origin and you wish to find a flatshare without a French guarantor you will be able to rent any room available on the Chez Nestor website. Indeed we base the relationship with our customers on trust and we believe that if you are able to pay the deposit and the first rent we can count on you afterwards. So you only have one thing to write down. If you are a foreign student, Chez Nestor does not ask you to have a French guarantor! You can book any of our apartments without a French guarantor*! And as a bonus, you will avoid all the administrative procedures linked to the student’s rental deposit request

*subject to compliance with the general conditions of sale of the company Someby

With Chez Nestor, book the flat of your dreams in less than 10 minutes in the city of your choice: Lyon, Paris, Lille, Toulouse, Montpellier, and soon, Bordeaux. All our apartments are furnished and equipped for the maximum comfort of our tenants and an unparalleled experience of shared accommodation.

It’s not always that easy to find a flat. You’ll find here advices and tips from Chez Nestor, to help you find the apartment of your dreams.

Don’t miss your room! In just a few clicks, create a customized reminderto be alerted when the room of your dreams will be available.

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