French people are internationally renowned for bread, wine and… CHEESE! Here is a guide to choose the right cheese according to your taste. With your roommates, it’s going to be an opportunity to taste them all together!


#1 Le Camembert

Probably one of the most famous French cheese, the camembert is made with cow’s milk most of the time. You can recognize it by its very white rind and its strong flavor. If you want to be a part of French clichés, you can go buy a camembert and a baguette everywhere in the country!


#2 Le Saint-Marcellin

This cheese comes from the Dauphiné and is made with cow’s milk as well. It has a soft rind that you can eat, and it is considered as a runny cheese most of the time. It can often be found in recipes as it is sometimes used to make sauces (in Lyon, you can go to La Gratinée, a restaurant opened only at night that serves delicious gnocchis with a sauce made of Saint-Marcellin).


#3 Le Comté

Le Comté is a very popular French cheese. It is not as strong as the other cheeses, it could be compared to the emmental, even if its flavor is more pronounced. French people sometimes eat it as an after-school snack!


#4 L’Emmental

It is one of the rare soft cheeses of France! That is why children love it, and also because there are holes in it. L’emmental can often be found in pre-dinner drinks, cut in little cubes, or you can found it on many recipes with its grated form.


#5 Le Brie

Brie is a runny cheese with a mould surface (that means that it has been ripened), and as its name suggests, it comes from a French region called Brie. It looks like the camembert visually but the flavor is not that strong, so you can taste it without worrying too much.


#6 Le Roquefort

Roquefort is known for being mouse’s cheese (by the way, the mouse in The Aristocats is named Roquefort in the French version)! But don’t worry, it is not only for mice, French people, especially those who like strong cheeses, are very fond of the blue-veined Roquefort.


#7 Tome de Savoie

The Savoie is a nationally renowned French region for its cheeses, and especially for the Tome. It is made from cow’s milk, but some cheeses made with goat’s milk are also called Tome. It can be very strong or very soft according to the process of fabrication so you can but it at your own risks!


#8 Le Brebis Basque

As its name suggests, this cheese is from the Pays Basque and it can also be called Ossau-Iraty. It is a hard cheese made from raw ewe’s milk and it is very popular in the South of France. To have a very traditional degustation, you can taste it with black cherry jam.


#9 Le Saint-Nectaire

Le Saint-Nectaire comes from Auvergne and it belongs to the pressed uncooked cheese category. It is a rather soft cheese and you can eat it after a good meal, or you can make a good meal out of Saint-Nectaire as it used in some nice recipes!


#10 Le Reblochon


Le Reblochon is one of the most famous French cheeses along with the Camembert. It is mostly known for its strong smell and for being really runny. It is quite strong and you can find it in some famous winter recipes such as the Tartiflette, a kind of potatoes gratin with bacon strips and reblochon.

If you want to taste it with the Tartiflette, find here the recipe of the Tartiflette 😀



We hope that this article will have allowed you to discover new French cheeses and that it will have made you want to eat some!

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