Decorate your flatshare: the ideal solution!

 Decorate your flatshare: the ideal solution!

When you move into a new furnished flatshare, once you’ve moved in, you think about decorating. Chez Nestor gives you some tips to decorate your apartment with roommates.


How to decorate your shared apartment?


The room isn’t really a problem since it’s yours: nobody have to bother you, you put the decoration you want there! But the real problem in a shared apartment is the decoration for the common rooms.

Yes, no wonder, but everyone has very different tastes on the subject. Some will be very vintage, others very modern… Some will bet on colors by thousands, others will prefer white and rather light colors… In short the tastes and colors are specific to each!

So how do you decorate the common rooms in your flatshare? Of course you want to avoid conflict with your roommates, at the same time you also want to have your own personal touch! Not very pleasant to live in a flatshare with a decor that scares the hell out of you every time you go in.

We are not the only ones asking ourselves all these questions: discover the decorative tips from Hello Blogzine to decorate your shared apartment!

Here are, in our opinion, the essential steps to go through before you start decorating your shared apartment.

Agree with your roommates #1

We agree, if you move into a flatshare, no problem with the furnishings, you are served. No headache at this level! On the other hand, it’s always fun to add a little decorative touch.

Roommate meeting! Determine each one a unique store where you can all go together. Everyone can then suggest his personal touch with the agreement of the assembly. One then avoids imposing one’s style, and especially to commit errors of taste in case all the objects are not in symbiosis.

Think practical! #3

Once everyone has had time to put their decorative notes into practice. To avoid disagreements during your stay, you must find a way to communicate with your roommates. You’re gonna say, “But we live together.” It’s not always that easy. Some may have very different schedules, and also topics may be difficult to discuss.

Think, on a common agreement, and together (it is always better), to buy a slate painting for example.

Here are some practical tips to discuss during your “objective deco aperitif” meeting:

– Carry out a planning of household tasks

– Communicate on a problem of the apartment (Ex: more hot water, the electrician passes to 13h…)

– Communicate about you (Ex: Not there next weekend!)

These are little tips for a decoration made in harmony with its roommates for a good understanding throughout your cohabitation.

Finally decorating flatshare, it’s not that complicated! You just have to agree with your roommates.

Chez Nestor : zero worries!


It’s even easier with Chez Nestor flatshares! Thanks to a sober and welcoming style, combining design and comfort, the decoration is already there. You can always add your personality by two or three objects symbolizing you, but the essential is already there. This can make your job easier and cause you a lot of hassle…

Chez Nestor? Simplify access to housing as much as possible for students and young workers, and also simplify their life in flatshare!

As the French leader in furnished shared apartments, our objective is to simplify access to housing for students and young working people as much as possible, and also to make life easier for them within a shared apartment! Feel free to discover our splendid rooms on the site!


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