Find a furnished and equipped flatshare – Tricks and hacks

 Find a furnished and equipped flatshare – Tricks and hacks

Where you should start to find a flat-share? With all the offers available on internet, we don’t really know which way to turn. To help you in your accommodation research, Chez Nestor gives you concrete solutions to find a furnished and equipped flatshare.

Solutions to find a furnished and equipped flatshare


To start in a good way your researches, here is a list of websites which gives you a good basis to start. It’s in majority websites specialized in flatshare. We want to present you them with an impartial point of view, with a positive point and a negative point for each platform. Have a good reading!

#1 Roomlala

Roomlala opens the ball of our websites selection destinate to flat-share. The website is available in 12 languages and assembles a remarkable community! Since 2009, students and young workers trust it to integrate or create new flatshares.

Positive point: you don’t need to create an account to see available ads.

Negative point: the website is really valued and researches can be exhausted, don’t desperate if you don’t obtain answers immediately.

#2 Le bon coin 

Talking about classified ads without quoting the boss of the market is just impossible! Le bon coin offers a solution for all your problems, then also for the research of flatshare. Go on the category “colocation” (flatshare) to refine your results and find your equipped flatshare.

Positive point: many private landlords choose to rent or sublet their apartment in Le bon coin, the website helps you to contact them quickly.

Negative point: frauds. The website is full of them. Golden rule n°1: run away advanced payments as Mandat Cash and be very careful!

#3 La carte des colocs

La Carte des colocs is a very interesting place to get in touch with other young people researching a nice equipped flatshare. The website was borned in 2013 and give it to flatshare since.

Positive point: ads are located, so you can see them on a map and search them per geographic area.

Negative point: the website only works on a linking platform, you can’t book it directly on the website.

#4 Appartager

Appartager takes part of the veterans of the sector. The website was borned in 1999, it is the grandfather of the team. It has an easy and quick use.

Positive point: you can get in touch with many tenants researching flatmates, many ads are here.

Negative point: you have to create immediately an account to see all apartments available on Appartager.

#5 Facebook

During your furnished and equipped flatshare research, think to use Facebook! Many groups exist for most of big cities such as our facebook group for Lyon.

Positive point: thanks to this solution you will have the advantage of being able to communicate easily and quickly with the people who propose the roommates. This will also allow you to know them better through their profile and see if you are compatible.

Negative point: there is a lot of competition here too. So as soon as you see a good offer go for it, and give it everything you’ve got!

Chez Nestor : the accommodation solution of a thousand positive points! 


Chez Nestor offers its own offer of furnished and equipped flatshares and, contrary to others websites presented, it is not an ad or a linking website. All drawbacks of private landlord are put on a side!

+  Book on the website in a few clicks and in less than 10 minutes
+ All our accommodations are furnished and equipped flatshares
+ All is included (internet, electricity, housing insurance, etc.)
+ No need any guarantor for foreigner*, we trust you!
+ A technical assistance is at your disposal all along your stay

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