Flatsharing: 10 golden rules to succeed

 Flatsharing: 10 golden rules to succeed

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Higher housing rents, need for conviviality and simplicity… students and young workers find today more and more reasons to choose to share their flat with strangers instead of living alone. However, sharing a flat is not always an easy job… Expert in flatsharing, Chez Nestor gives you some rules you should respect to ensure the future of your colocation and be the perfect flatmate!

When you share your own living space with people you do not know, it is important to learn to quickly adapt and this may require day-to-day efforts. Today we want to give you 10 golden rules to guide you through this incredible social experience, and trust us, follow these rules and you will succeed to become the perfect flatmate!

#2 Get to know your flatmates


Shouting it from the rooftops is all very well and good, but communication is essential and that also applies to your relationship with your flatmates.

Talk, talk and talk more! This is the best way to get to know your flat-mates and find a common ground. Even if you’re not fond of small talks, unfortunately most conversations start from there. So be patient and get involved with the others! You will build a happy relation together, when everyone makes small efforts daily.

#2  Respect your flatmates 


Just like you, your flat-mates have their own needs and lifestyles. Respect them. If you want to throw a midweek party, learn to ask them first, remember – communication is essential! Inform them about your plans, so that you can discuss about them and find compromises and solutions together. Nobody likes to feel forgotten or not considered. Respect their personalities and their way of living their lives and everything will turn out just great.

So, learn to walk in your flatmates’ shoes, before imposing them your own rules! Because sharing with other people also means to accept them.

#3 Talk freely about what bothers you


One of your flatmates has never washed the dishes? Never cleaned up the apartment?

Let them know – calmly – what you think! Most important, don’t wait ‘til a conflict blows up to talk about what bothers you. If you talk tactfully and diplomatically, you will see that you will find a solution to your problems without any side-effects.

We advise you to talk about these topics, often reasons for conflicts, from the beginning so that everyone is on the same page. To be the perfect flatmate, it’s important to avoid useless conflicts by communicating

#4 Be fair during conflicts  


Sometimes you cannot avoid conflicts. This is perfectly normal. Just like all couples have arguments, you and your flatmates may as well disagree on something. Our advice is to avoid low bowls.Nobody wins when the relationship is ruined for going too far.

So, even if this may be difficult especially in the heat of the moment, do not give in to anger.

#5 Do stuff together


Whether it be for watching a film, playing board games, sharing a drink or throwing a big party… organise your activities together! The best way to get along with each other, is laughing together ???? 

Take the time to do stuff together and your complicity will be boosted!

#6 Help with the housework 


Whether it be for watching a film, playing board games, sharing a drink or throwing a big party… organise your activities together! The best way to get along with each other, is laughing together ???? Make sure you respect your housekeeping tour and do it properly. No one likes to spend their day cleaning, especially in shared accommodation, but for the good of all, it is important that everyone does their part!

#9 Pay your part of the rent on time 


Money always creates conflicts. Be on time with your payments and nobody will complain about you. Even if you feel closed to your flatmates, this does not allow you to be late with your part of the rent, because if you don’t pay, they will have to pay for you. To avoid this issue, sign an individual lease

#10 Cook and eat between flatmates 


There’s nothing better than cooking and eating together to create a bond with your flatmates! Cooking together can be fun and playful, and if everyone does its part, you will all save time. You don’t have to cook and eat together every single day, but why not one or two days per week. This will help you grow together and learn new cooking tricks!

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