Flatsharing when you're a couple

 Flatsharing when you're a couple

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Even if you’re full of good intentions, finding a flatshare when you’re in a relationship is far from being a pleasure. What are the reasons for this? Are there any tips on finding a flatshare when you’re a couple?

Flatmates reluctant to take in couples

You have to move to Lyon, Paris, Lille, Toulouse or Montpellier for your studies/jobs, so like everyone else you go around the ads on Appartager, Le bon coin and La carte des colocs to find a shared flat. But there’s one unfortunate detail that sets you apart: you’re a couple. And this detail will cost you dearly.
If you have been in this situation before, you know how difficult it is to find a flatshare when you are in a relationship. After sifting through every advertisement site imaginable, you probably found yourself, in the best of cases, with a batch of negative responses. The occupants of the premises have indeed many reasons to refuse the couples, here are 5 of them.

Two people = twice as much mess #1

It’s simple but it’s like that, a couple is two people. And two more flatmates will necessarily producemore disorder than one additional flatmate. At least that is the reasoning of the occupants of the premises. Even if you’re a well-ordered couple, flatmates don’t want to risk twice as much mess, dishes and especially waiting for the bathroom in the morning.

Couples keep themselves to themselves #2

In a shared apartment the social aspect is very important. So, when we accept a couple, we take the risk of having two people isolate themselves to the detriment of the atmosphere of the shared apartment. You may be an open-minded couple with the will to make your flatmates your second family, but the fact is that, for the occupants of the place, it is a risky gamble that they have no desire to take.

It knocks in the evening #3

You will have understood it, in a couple there are things that happen in the room and these things have the annoying tendency to produce a dull and regular noise. It can be unpleasant and a beautiful source of insomnia for some (and perhaps a source of inspiration for others…). So the roommates don’t take any risks and refuse de facto all couples.

Forever alone #4

A couple who comes to put their love under your nose when you’ve been single for several months/years/thousand years can put more than one off. No one wants to feel alone and find themselves in a fetal position every night, dying and questioning their entire existence.

Couples hang out with other couples #5

When you share a flat, you are generally young, “beautiful” and full of envy. You want to meet other people… And rather single people… The problem with couples, is their tendency to date other couples. Some roommates would rather meet people without ties. So of course, this is not the case for everyone, but it can still cool some people down.
Well, we must admit that some points on this list are a bit far-fetched… But we are not always very far from reality.The fact is, it’s hard to find a flatshare when you’re a coupleSo how do we do it in the end?

Should I Flatshare with a Couple? | Flatmate FAQ’s #7 | ©SpareRoom

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