How to rent a room with an individual lease?

 How to rent a room with an individual lease?

The individual-lease (bail individuel in French) is a very advantageous rental contract for the tenants – not so much for the landlord who takes on more financial risks if a tenant bails on rent or damage. Thus, it is sometimes complicated to obtain. But what are the advantages of the individual-lease? How to find a co-location with such a contract?

Flatsharing: two different types of leases

For your information, there are two distinct types of rental lease: the common-lease and the individual-lease. The former is the most common and used for co-location. However, it has a lot of inconveniences. The latter is the safest for the tenants.

The common-lease: a commont rental contract binding all the tenants together  #1

The common-lease is a single document signed by all the tenants. Signing this kind of contract will still allow you to benefit from the same amount of financial aid for housing (CAF) as an individual-lease. However, this lease is risky for the tenants for two reasons. Firstly, if one of the tenants fails to pay their part of the rent, the others will be legally responsible for paying on their behalf. Secondly, if degradations were noted in the apartment, everyone would have to pay.
Additionally, when one of the tenants moves out, they leave the others in troubles. With the same rent to pay and one person less, the other tenants must hurry up and find a new tenant as quickly as possible.

The individual-lease: the safest option for the tenants  #2

The second option we want to describe is the individual-lease. Unlike the better-known joint-lease, individual leases allow two or more people to live in the same apartment but pay separate rent. This type of contract has loads of advantages.
First, each tenant signs a different agreement to pay only for his or her bedroom and the shared areas. With an individual-lease, you will only pay your share – and only your share.
With an individual lease, you have no financial responsibility for any other tenant. If a flatmate moves out or stops paying rent, you and other flatmates will not have to pay his or her part of the rent. You also won’t have to replace the flatmate. For this reason, putting the contract to an end it is way easier. It will be up to the property manager to fill the room again.
Finally, each tenant must pay a deposit that he or she will be given back at the end of their contract. On the contrary, this is not always the case for a joint-lease: if a roommate leaves before the others, he or she must wait ‘til the end of the contract in order to receive their deposit back.
The only disadvantage for this kind of contract is that it is a rare find! The landlord takes on more financial risks by offering an individual-lease. So, where can you find the individual-lease?

Chez Nestor: book your flatshare with an individual lease 

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