5 activities to do in Lyon

 5 activities to do in Lyon

Did you just move to Lyon or you just got to know the wonderful city of lights? What to see and do in Lyon? Don’t worry, Lyon offers a lot of activities linked to the incredible history of art, cinema and the Lumière brothers! Follow our tips and discover 5 activities you can do in Lyon. Enjoy!  


#1 Reach for the sky at the Basilica of Notre-dame de Fourvière

Here you will hit two targets with one bullet. Take a stroll on this wonderful hill to enjoy a stunning view over Lyon and visit at the same time the vast Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, a great and important historical destination of pilgrimages. Life up the Saint-Jus hill is quiet and cosy. The area is surrounded by a lot of greenery and big parks where you can relax far from the tourists!
Who knows, maybe you will spot your next apartment from up there!

#2 Take a stroll in the streets of Vieux-Lyon

Located at the foot of the Fourvière hill, Vieux Lyon is the oldest part of the city. Take a stroll in its streets to breathe some of the Renaissance-style. The area is characterised by the presence of plenty of majestic homes, built by great Italian families who decided to come here during the Renaissance period.
The must-see destinations here are the ‘traboules’ – the unusual covered passages to go from one building to another – the historical homes, the internal medieval courtyards and the Saint-Jean Cathedral.  
You can also stop for a drink in one of the pubs in the area or eat something typical in one of the many restaurants.

#3 Enjoy the sun in the parc de la Tête d’Or

This is the biggest green park in Lyon, a sort of Central Park in Lyon! And to that point, this park was inaugurated on the same day as the famous park in New York ???? Here, you will find a broad open-air zoo – free entry! – a lake, and a wonderful botanic garden composed of glass and iron greenhouses, dating back to the 19th century! The lake covers a surface of more than 16 hectares. You will find a good rest on its banks.
The park is very busy during summertime and on the week-ends. Strollers, runners, skaters, families and youth all gather here in a nice melting-pot. The park is wooded, so don’t worry. You will find the best spot under the tall trees during the hottest days!

#4 Eat in a typical Bouchon Lyonnais

In the life of Lyon, the bouchons are the typical restaurants where you will find delicious local specialties and excellent wines like the Beaujolais or the Côtes-du-Rhône. The atmosphere in one of these bouchons is simple and convivial. People come here to relax and eat in a good mood, enjoying regional and authentic products.
Come here like you’ll do visiting an old friend. Good vibes are assured! It is in the Vieux Lyon neighbourhood that you’ll find the best addresses to eat and drink ????

#5 Visit the Musée Lumière

The Lumière brothers bring pride and recognition to the city. The Lumière Brothers’ Villa hosts nowadays the Lumière Museum – a magical place that is worth visiting at least once! The Museum is located in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon, at Rue du Premier Film 25. Just few steps away, you will find the former Lumière factory where the first opus where filmed – ‘Leaving the Lumière factory’. So, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the incredible lives of the Lumière brothers who changed radically the history of photography and cinema through thousands of new brevets.
Students benefit from a reduced fee. The Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6.30 PM.
So, are you ready to enjoy the City of Lights?


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