Enjoy Lille with a tiny budget!

 Enjoy Lille with a tiny budget!

If you don’t have many financial means but you’re dying to go out and discover your surroundings ? Don’t get depressed! Lille offers lots of free activities or activities to do on a small budget.Find here 3 good deals in Lille to do without touching your wallet!


#1 Discover the heritage

History enthusiasts will be happy: the history of Lille begins more than XX century ago. Do not miss the opportunity to discover a prestigious wealth in terms of architecture and historical monuments! If you need more information than a simple walk with your nose in the sky, knock on the Tourist Office’s door to find out about new itineraries and city tours.
Lille hides a multitude of unusual monuments… have you ever heard of the “Monument aux Pigeons Voyageurs” (travelling pigeons!) located at Avenue Mathias Delobel, 15 ? Lille can be proud to have there the only monument in France dedicated to these animals! 😉

Or the Coilliot House (rue de Fleurus, 14), built in 1898 by the famous Hector Guimard, the architect of the Paris metro.

#2 Visit the zoo of Lille

panda roux
A red panda in Lille zoo!

A ray of sunshine? Want to enjoy a nature walk without going too far? The zoo of Lille is a real must of the city. Located only 10 minutes from the city centre (on foot!), the Lille zoo covers an area of 3 hectares.
Here you can discover more than 110 animal species from the five continents, nearly 400 animals to admire!
Everyone loves the little red pandas that welcome you at the entrance of the park… 🙂
Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the latest birdcage called “Sous les tropiques”, opened in 2017. This 750 m² facility houses a plethora of birds and mammals from South America!

#3 Take a tour in the markets of Lille

Everyone knows, good deals are made at the market! Almost every day, a different market comes to life in a corner of the town… How many markets do you know?
The largest market in Lille is hold in Wazemmes (Place de la Nouvelle Aventure). Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday more than 400 traders mingle in this colourful and lively square!
The most famous for its quality is the one in Old-Lille (Place du Concert). On Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the best local and organic products in Lille! If you are looking for exotic products (oriental; Asian or even Russian!), this is the right address.
If you are looking for a small secret market, we recommend the Books market at the Vieille Bourse. Only the city’s experts know the location of the Vieille Bourse inner courtyard! Every afternoon from Tuesday to Sunday, come and find the best books, comics, posters, vinyls…
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