20 free activities you can’t miss in Montpellier!

 20 free activities you can’t miss in Montpellier!

Being a student in Montpellier is no walk in the park. How to find the perfect balance between a tight budget and the strong desire to go out and have fun? When you and your flatmates wonder about what to do today with no money, Chez Nestor is here to help you out with a list of 20 free activities you can’t miss in Montpellier! So, don’t stay inside, lazy-bones! Montpellier holds plenty of surprises…
Today we sell dreams with our 20 free activities you can do for free in Montpellier! If you’re a big spender, it is probably time to find cheaper (or even free) activities to spend your afternoons and evenings with friends and flatmates!
There’s so much to see and do in Montpellier that you won’t be disappointed! Trust us…


#1- Discover Montpellier’s music scene

Yes! You can find free concerts you can attend with your flatmates! Montpellier boasts loads of live music bars where you can have a great time.

  • Jazz and Funky ? Easy: goto La Pleine Lune and attend free concerts every week!
  • Are you more a Rock’n’Roll guy? Stop by the Up Down. Located in the heart of the Ecusson, this bar offers Belgian beers and live concerts. On stage, small names from the local scene and big international bands go wild and perform unforgettable shows!
  • Reggae? We can satisfy all tastes! Come to the Taverne du Perroquet to enjoy your favorite sound (especially on weekends!)
  • Fans of Folk or French song? On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, don’t miss the concerts at the Irish Tavern!

#2- Take a stroll in the city

Yeah, walking around doesn’t cost you anything! Even if you think you have already visited everything, we are sure that Montpellier can still surprise you!

  • Explore the Ecusson medieval streets which are a must in the city.
  • Visit the Jardin des Plantes where you can rest on the grass and read a good book.
  • Enjoy a breathtaking view over the city on the Toit de Corum.
  • Take a stroll along the Canal du Verdanson and admire the incredible street art scattered throughout the area.

#3- Visit Museums and exhibitions

Once again, all tastes are on the program. Montpellier has a remarkable art scene!  

  • The FRAC Occitane proposes more than 1200 works of art open to everyone !
  • The Pierresvives mediathèque with its atypical design hides rare treasures inside.
  • The Galerie Saint-Ravy brings emerging artists and young talents to the world!
  • La Panachée brings together the most contemporary works of art in Montpellier.

#4- Do outdoor sports

Outdoor sports are the passion of many young people in Montpellier. No need to touch your wallet, just enjoy the air and why not, get back in shape!  

  • Jog in the woods of MontMaur and on your way, say hello to the animals at the Lunaret Zoo!
  • Enjoy the sun in the Garrigues area.
  • Improve your training with the free sessions of the Montpellier Athletic Running Club (MARC)
  • Run to Carnon Beach (for the more sporty and motivated among you!)

#5- Visit historical monuments

For architecture and design enthusiasts, a simple stroll through the city can be a real adventure! Look up to the sky and admire the incredible ancient buildings in Montpellier.

  • Visit Saint-Pierre Cathedral and while you’re at it, come and see the Faculty of Medicine, which is the oldest still in operation in France!
  • Discover all the hidden details of the Place de la Comédie and its opera.
  • Climb to the Peyrou Water Tower and enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire city.
  • Finally, enter the Tour des Pins and the Tour de la Babotte, the oldest remains of the city of Montpellier!

Here we are at the end of this list of 20 free activities to do in Montpellier! Enjoy the city with your roommates and follow our tips for an unforgettable experience!


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