The alternative solution for international students

 The alternative solution for international students

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Are you an international student looking for accommodation in France? If so, you will certainly agree that finding an accommodation in any French city can be a real nightmare for international students. The lack of offers doesn’t help you out. Endless application forms are required for university residences as well… Plus, grumpy landlords categorically refuse to accept international students in their properties – especially the ones without a French guarantor. Do you relate to it, don’t you? But don’t worry… we have the solution for you! Chez Nestor will change your life! We offer any international student furnished flatshares in Lyon, Paris, Montpellier and Toulouse. Our flatshares are ready-to-live-in and strategically located in thecity-centre.

Finding accommodation in France :

a big challenge for international students


#1 International students in university residences

The application process for university residences can easily become a headache even for French students. For international students… well, it’s a real nightmare. First, you need to fill in your application form thoughtfully – pay attention to the numerous deadlines imposed by the residences or your journey will end sooner than expected! Then, pray that the CROUS (French student welfare organisation), which is bombarded by thousands of applications daily, won’t lose or misplace your file…

The CROUS will then study your application form and consider a plethora of elements: your income if you have one (otherwise the one coming from your parents), the family charges, the geographic distance from your home, and lastly, your academic performance. So, you need to be patient: this will take up to 4 weeks and, needless to say, you need to act quickly, because places are limited!

Then, international students often come to France for a short stay and need several additional services which are rarely provided by university residences. University residences aren’t particularly appreciated for their charm, their location nor their services. They are often situated far from the city-centre, public transports and shops. And what about the nationality of the other people in the residence? Foreigners are often put together and kept away from French students. So, they cannot benefit from a real linguistic exchange!

At the end of the day, are university dorms worth it? You will spend a lot of energy and a lot of your time to obtain mediocre accommodation without any charm – our answer is no.

#2 Usual flatsharing for internation students

Same struggles for traditional co-location. To find one, you need determination and perseverance. Offer is low, demand, extremely high. Most landlords will not accept international students for several reasons: the linguistic barrier, the length of the stay and especially the lack of one or even two (!) French guarantors.

All this can make your research going on for weeks or even months! And even if you make it, what about all the hidden charges you’ve not considered? Condominium fees, household waste taxes, water, internet and electricity bills… France is well-known for endless paperwork. Did you know that?

Chez Nestor is the new revolution for flatsharing for international students 


Whether it be in Lyon, Paris, Montpellier, Lille or Toulouse, Chez Nestor offers any international student the possibility to book an accommodation in few minutes, at any time of the year.

Quickness, reactivity and security are our priorities. French and international students are more than welcome to benefit from our entirely furnished and all-inclusive flatshares. All our apartments are in the city-centre – close to public transports and shops –  and completely equipped with washing-machine, dishwasher, duvet, blanket and pillows amongst others.

With Chez Nestor, you won’t worry about the French paperwork anymore. You only need to fill in a 4 pages form and provide us with a copy of your passport. Our apartments are also all-inclusive. This means that your rent will include all the charges (water, electricity, internet bills and even your housing insurance!).

Forget about the French guarantor as well, you don’t need one with us. So, you will be able to book with us from France or abroad.

Chez Nestor Team also offers free multilinguistic assistance for the maintenance of all our apartments. So, if you need help, we are here for you!

Whether it be for a month or a year, all you need to do is bring your luggage and enjoy your new life. We take care of everything for you!

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