What if you came studying in France?

 What if you came studying in France?

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For over 25 years, France has been one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Characterized by a rich and multicultural heritage, each region of France presents its specificities. So, have you ever thought of continuing your studies in France? In 2018, 325,000 international students chose France to pursue their studies, making France the leading non-English-speaking host country!
In France today, there are more than 80 public and state-funded universities offering English language courses in almost all institutions, the possibility for international students to work part-time and the possibility of remaining in France after their studies to find a job with the delivery of a specific residence permit.

Why should you come and study in France?

If this has not yet completely convinced you, here are three more good reasons to come and study in France!

#1- For its education system

France has an excellent educational system: first of all for its diplomas which are of a high standard and recognised internationally, then for its network of internationally renowned higher education establishments!
To guarantee excellence in French education, the State spends nearly 20% of its national budget on education alone, which represents more than €10,000 per student per year.
Don’t worry, France makes no distinction between French and international students!

#2- For its quality of life

The French State offers aid to students of all nationalities. From the CAF aid to help you pay for your accommodation, reductions for transport (50% off the price), train tickets… all this to simplify students’ lives! Not to mention simple and free access to culture: most museums in France are free for under 25-year-old people from the EU.
The health system is also a French pride: modern and accessible at low cost, it ensures a peaceful and safe daily life.

#3- For its language

The French language is very widespread in the world! Perhaps even more than you thought… French is the official language of over 200 million people in the world!
And did you know that the French language is spoken on all 5 continents? Only the English language can boast of its numbers.
In 47 countries in the world, you will have a great advantage if you master French correctly.
What are you waiting for? Identify the most appropriate course for you and find more information about studying in France on the Campus France website.
Take part in the adventure in France and enjoy your stay!

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