If you are sick during your stay in France, you can consider yourself lucky. Well, kind of… Because France has one of the best healthcare systems in the world.


How does it work?

The French healthcare system had been founded in 1945 and had known several changes since, especially during the 2000s, when the government of Lionel Jospin decided to extend the health coverage to every resident legally living in France (until then, it was only for workers or retirees).

Medical needs and drugs are almost all reimbursed by health insurance, which is necessary given by your work, during the three months following your arrival. As a foreign worker, you have to obtain from your last health insurance a document which is called “E104”. This one is historic of your health and permits to count all your rights in France.

However, this is not free (maybe one day… someone can dream right?): all employees must pay for this insurance. It is usually deducted from their salary and the amount depends on how much the workers are earning. If you are married to someone who receives a health insurance, your medical care is also covered. Health insurance in France reimburses between 70% and 80% of medical costs. Besides, you can also subscribe to a voluntary health insurance, which can take charge of the costs that have not been reimbursed by your first insurance.

Healthcare system in France is one of the fairest in the world because everyone has the right to receive medical care and to be reimbursed. Moreover, if someone has a particularly serious condition, like cancer or AIDS, they are fully reimbursed, as their medication should be constant.


Healthcare for foreign students

As a student, you are compelled to subscribe to a cooperative, regardless of your nationality (except for European students who normally possess the European Insurance Health Card). They work with your university and they will take care of your medical care. All you need is to have a Visa, be under 28 and be subscribed to a school or a university. A student who wants to get the social security with the French social security system has to pay for the social security contribution.

However, foreign students, be careful! A new French law is going to pass during the year 2018 and the social security contribution will be changed as “student life contribution” which includes health, well-being, sport, and culture. Its amount is also going to change, and it’s advantageous for you! Indeed, it’s going to be divided by two: it will turn around a hundred euros.

But the process is kind of difficult, with a lot of very French paperwork. To make it more quickly and easier for you, you have to anticipate! For this, you need to obtain all documents necessary before your arrival. It’s really important for the good proceedings of the obtention of your social security. To get more information about the process and papers you need, please follow the link.


We hope that you won’t get sick though, and that you will enjoy your stay in France as much as possible!


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