Looking for a short-term furnished flatshare? Whether for your internships, business travel or for any other reason, finding a flatshare for a short period of time is a time-consuming task that is not easy to accomplish: landlords always prefer to sign a contract with someone who is determined to stay for at least a year or more.

But Chez Nestor offers you a quick solution to accommodate you in complete serenity!

It’s not always easy to find a roommate who agrees to house you for only a few months! Even if you find a roommate who accepts short stays, the availability date and your stay period must coincide. An almost impossible task.

So how do you find a room available at the right time? 

Nestor offers you a simple solution that will save you the frustration and time wasted in searching for a short-term flatshare. In fact, we offer shared rooms that can be booked in a few minutes for a minimum of one month. But that’s not all! The service we offer does not stop there!

Chez Nestor:  the simplest way to find a flatshare 

If you’ve spent the last few weeks or even months looking for a flatshare in the city-centre without any results, Chez Nestor may be the solution you’ve been looking for. The idea behind Chez Nestor is very simple: we want to make colocation super-accessible by democratizing it and thus avoiding certain disadvantages of renting between peers.

Chez Nestor is a real estate company whose goal is to simplify access to shared accommodation for students and young employees.

flatshare without guarantor

Chez Nestor offers:

  • An individual lease that rhymes with more freedom for each roommate
  • Fully equipped and furnished accommodation for easier moving in
  • Taking care of all your contract openings (water, internet, electricity, home insurance)
  • Free technical assistance in case of problems

Flatshares for short terms but not only!

In short, Chez Nestor helps students and young working people and does everything it can to make it easier for them to settle in shared apartments by providing housing that is ready to live in. This means that everything necessary is already included and present in the accommodation, no need to proceed with additional steps once fitted out, everything is taken care of by our teams.

If finding a furnished flat as quickly and simply as possible is one of your priorities, integrating one of our shared apartments is certainly what you need.

On our site you can access all the information concerning the available flatshares: in a few moments you can learn who already resides in the flatshare (sex and nationality), as well as discover all the equipment and furniture present in the apartment.

Photos of ALL the rooms of the apartment, accompanied by a detailed plan will allow you to choose your ideal room. We want to guarantee you a maximum of comfort and for this reason we have listed for you the universities and public transport closest to your future flat-sharing.

You will therefore have a maximum of information in hand to choose the best solution for you. If browsing the site is not enough, you can of course visit the apartments yourself. Just give us a call to reserve a slot with our team.


Voici une chambre disponible à Lyon 🙂

So you only have one thing to write down. The right reflex for finding furnished flatshares is Chez Nestor! 

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