Insurance system in France

 Insurance system in France

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Before coming to France, you have to be prepared to subscribe to two obligatory things: housing insurance and civil liability insurance. You can find here a definition of these two services and a guide to subscribing without having too much trouble!
An insurance is a service you pay for, usually with contributions, which offers you protection from a possible risk. The first thing you need to know is that usually, the housing assurance and the civil liability insurance are often linked. When you subscribe to one, you generally have the other one automatically.

#1 Housing insurance

The housing insurance, as its name suggests, really focuses on accommodations though. It protects you from almost everything that can happen in a flat or a house: fire, natural catastrophes (flood, lightning, tornado…), water damage, robbery etc. That is why owners always ask their tenant to have a housing insurance, so as the expenses will be covered by the insurance company. It guarantees against rental risks and allows the owner to protect himself if you make a damage to his property.
To get its insurance, you have to be informed of all documents you need to have. With Chez Nestor, you don’t have to do anything, the housing insurance is included.

#2 Civil liability insurance

The civil liability insurance functions pretty much the same, except that it aims at repairing any harm that could be done to you or to others. It includes the protection of people, animals, build, belongings… It will also cover you if you are responsible for any damage or injury. This document is asked in many cases. In the case of an internship, a civil liability insurance certificate is always asked. Also, schools or universities asked it automatically at the time of the subscription. However, if you are in a fixed term contract or a permanent contract, you will be covered by professional civil liability insurance of the company. If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or an unsalaried worker, just know that the simple civil liability insurance won’t be enough. You have to subscribe to a professional civil liability insurance to be protected.

#3 How to get your insurance

Be careful! Before starting the process to get your insurance, check that you don’t already have one. Most of the time, it is included in the multiple-line habitation insurance. You can have one without knowing it.
To obtain these insurances, you have to ask them to insurance companies. It is possible to get its insurance in two different ways: in place, in going directly into the company, or online. Nowadays, all insurance companies offer an online version.
Otherwise, it is advised to be informed before, or to asks advice to insurers by calling them if you don’t want to move. It’s important to get the right insurance.
Some insurance companies are destined for foreign students or foreign young workers working in France. In this case, you need to be under 40 and to stay in France for 1 to 12 months. Notice that the contract is renewable. To get more information on its specific insurance, don’t hesitate.
Before coming to France, or even young French people, before choosing your Chez Nestor, don’t forget insurances! And no worries, you have nothing to do with your housing insurance, it is already included in.

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