How to find a good flatmate match?

 How to find a good flatmate match?

In this article, we will share our top 6 tips on how to find a great flatmate! We all know that finding a perfect room and going through numerous flatshare websites is just half of the battle, you want to get along with the people inside the apartment too! Whether you’re trying to find a room in big cities like London or Paris or more rural towns, this article is the ideal guide to help you in your search for the flatmates that are right for you. If you’re just starting out on your search, check out this article for tips on where to look for a flatshare.

Tip number 1: Find a flatshare with a similar lifestyle.

When you imagine your perfect flatshare you have to think about whether your lifestyle could be a good match with those you will rent with. For example, do you want to live in a very social setting with flatmates who go out many times a week or host parties at home? Or do you want to find a new flat with a more chilled atmosphere, perhaps with other hardworking students, or young professionals who have a lot of deadlines to meet and need an ideal place to relax after a long day! You can find out more benefits of flatsharing for young workers here. Whatever your lifestyle may be, it is important to visualise how your way of life could fit in with your potential flatmates, as this will guarantee a positive experience! One way to find this out could be to simply ask what they like doing in their spare time. 

Tip number 2: Find out if you have hobbies and interests in common.

One important sign that a flatshare is right for you is having things in common with the housemates. The overall ambiance in your new flatshare will be a lot more positive if you have many things in common other than paying rent. This point may slightly overlap with the previous tip, to find a flatmate with a similar lifestyle, however here you should focus more on your hobbies and passions in life! Are you into cooking or sport? What about board games? There are so many things to take into account when considering what could bring you closer to your ideal housemate! If your flatmates are into sport, what kind of sports do they enjoy? Hiking or maybe yoga? Finding these things out can help you realise what you have in common. Maybe they’re a fan of Harry Potter, or manga, or they’re a total film buff! You are too?! Great, this means you could organise some flatshare film nights! If you prefer more alone time than social time, and you prefer to stay in your room and read a good book, then it would be better if your flatmates were also chilled.

Tip number 3: Differences are also good for an interesting flatshare. 

Although it’s a great idea to find housemates who have things in common and a similar lifestyle, it could also be worth considering the things that you may not have in common with your potential future flatmates. This is important because when you live with people with different interests and outlooks you will lead a more enriching life. If you’re living with a carbon copy of yourself and agree on everything, this may lead to a lack of stimulation. You’ll soon realise that it’s the differences in opinions and outlooks that help keep friendships and discussions interesting. The idea is to live with people who have a similar lifestyle and respect your key values but it’s also good to live with people who have their own hobbies and interests which keep an interesting dynamic for the housemates. Another thing to consider is what new skills or hobbies are you looking to develop? For example, things like cooking, sports, or lifestyle changes – you are always more likely to achieve these things and to stay motivated when you have the right influences in your life. It is not always straightforward to know these things about people when you first meet them, but if you let the conversation flow naturally you’ll be able to get a good feeling of the potential housemates. 

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Tip number 4: Consider having international flatmates! 

Another difference that you can take into account when looking for a new flatshare is having an international house! Living with people from different countries helps broaden your horizons ! This is useful if you are moving to a new country and you hope to integrate with the people from this country. You’re a foreigner and you’re moving to Paris for the first time? Your French flatmates could show you around, and help you with administration tasks which could appear very daunting. They can introduce you to French series and music. Having a general idea of pop culture will make life easier when it comes to conversing with French people.  Living with foreign flatmates is also a great way to think in a global perspective, to understand the different experiences lived by those all around the world. One great thing about living with international people is learning their recipes that you can use to impress your friends and family later on! 

Tip number 5: Define your non-negotiables. 

It’s important to have things in common with your flatmates, but in order to ensure a happy house-share it is even more important to consider aspects that are non-negotiable. For example, are you okay with living with a smoker? If so, would you be comfortable if they smoked in the house? What are your thoughts on having a house-share with an animal? If you have any allergies or phobias, for example, that’s a sign to say no to living with furry friends! Everyone needs their alone time, so would you be okay with flatmates that have parties? If so, how regularly, and with how many people? Do you need to have a calm space for study or work? Or are you more interested in student parties on a Thursday night? Finally, one criteria that could be a source of conflict and definitely something to consider is the cleanliness of the people you live with. Define this from the outset with your flatmates and be honest with them! Is it okay to leave the washing up “soak” for tomorrow, or is it better that all is clean and tidy just after dinner? These are questions that should be asked from the beginning in order to live in a harmonious house! 

Tip number 6: Most importantly, just be yourself!

You might find yourself over-thinking when you are looking through tons of ads! Everyone looks so cool and nice to hang out with – why should they choose you as a flatmate? One thing you could do is start with your online profile. For example, you could choose a photo that shows off your personality the best. If you don’t have a good snap already, get a friend or family member to take one! Don’t forget to smile, it’s your best accessory (unless you’re looking to share with a group of fashion models). When it comes to the description, an informal approach is best; remember that you’ll be living with these people, not working with them! It’s useful to mention your age, if you’re a student or working, and some things you like to do in your spare time, keep it short and simple! Finally, the most important thing is to just be yourself! Just being yourself will enable you to go off your gut instincts when choosing flatmates.  9 times out of 10 you do not know the people who you’ll be flat sharing with before, so it is important to be honest now to avoid surprises later. If you’re going to visit, it’s a good idea to bring a snack/ a drink you like, it could make a great first impression and help break the ice!

We hope that this has served as a good guide in helping you find a great new flatshare! All the best in your research! 

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